The Newest Russell Brunson Book ‘DotCom Secrets’ – Review and Summary

by Marius I.


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If the fact that DotCom Secrets is USA Today & Amazon Best-Selling Book (with Over 70,000+ Copies Sold) isn’t enough for you, here is what  Tony Robbins said about it:

“A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion and sales online.” 

What is DotCom Secrets

What is DotCom Secrets – Best Internet Marketing Tips  & Tricks Book Ever

What is DotCom Secrets book about? Lets talk a little about its main chapters:

In Section One: Ladders and Funnels, you’ll learn how to transform a sales funnel that’s losingmoney into a tool that will allow you to spend more money than your competitors, while getting more traffic, more customers, and more sales.

DotCom Secrets book will take in a journey and will help you understand how to structure your company’s products and services in a way that will allow you to make two to three times as much money from the same traffic that you’re getting now. And when you follow the steps, you’ll open the floodgates, allowing you to spend more money to get a lot more new customers.

“I’ve underlined something in almost every page!  I wish I wrote this book – it’s REALLY THAT GOOD!”Jeff Walker about DotCom Secrets Book

In Section Two: Your Communication Funnel, this book will show you how to communicate with your customers in a way that makes them naturally want to ascend up your ladder of offerings and give you more money as you provide them more value. Lot’s of examples and graphics will pe presented.

Once you know the foundational concepts behind DotCom Secretsyou’ll dive into the phases of a sales funnel and explore the building blocks you’ll need to use in each phase. This is what Section 3: Funnelology Leading Your Customers to the SALE it’s all about.

“I Wish I Would Have Had This Two Years Ago.  I paid him $25k To Learn This Stuff, And You Get It FREE…”  – Liz Benny about DotCom Secrets Book

Finally, in the Section Four: Funnels and Scripts, Russell will give you the seven core funnels he use in all his companies, plus all of the sales scripts he use to convert people at each stage in those funnels. You can choose to copy his proven funnels and scripts as is (he will allow you as a book reader), or you may tweak them to better fit your particular business.

When you implement each of these secrets, you will transform your business and your website from a flat, two-dimensional company into a three dimensional sales and marketing machine that allows you to outspend your competitors, acquire an almost unlimited number of new customers, make (and keep) more money, and most importantly, serve more people.

That is what DotCom Secrets book is about.  Sounds good? Click here and order it now!



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